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20 Jun 2019


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 21 Jun 2013

Whenever you have a large number of photos stored in your computer and you need to modify all of them at the same time, you will come across a problem. Most image editing programs don't allow you to modify all the photos at the same time and you may need to change the resolution and file format for all your images in one go. Fortunately, there is an application which can help you in this situation and that's FastStone Photo Resizer.

As the name clearly states, this Windows program can help you re-size all your photos, but it can do more than that. After installing and launching the application, you will first need to select the desired image files that should be modified. This can be done without problems, as the program's interface looks pretty close to the one of Windows Explorer, allowing you to explore all the files and folders stored on your hard disk and then drag them to the right part of the interface.

The program supports a wide range of image file formats and it doesn't require additional plugins in this case. After the desired images have been selected, the next step is to select the type of action that should be performed with all the image files. You can change the file format for your images and even customize the quality settings. What's more, you can rename your photos using various renaming rules and patterns. Thus, you will save a lot of time and you will also be able to better organize and manage your images.

When it comes to resizing photos, you can either select the new resolution of the images in pixels or you can just enter a resizing percentage. In case you want to enlarge photos, you can use a filter for maintaining the quality of the original photo, without losing too many details. The program offers several filters.


It offers support for a wide range of image file formats. What's more, it allows you to easily select your desired photo, by using a Windows Explorer-like interface. Furthermore, it allows you to rename all your images using patterns and rules. Moreover, you can convert images to other formats and also customize their quality.


The look of the interface seems a bit outdated. You can resize, rename and convert all your photos in one go easily, with the help of FastStone Photo Resizer.

FastStone Photo Resizer


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